Keep It self storage | Bangkok Thai | Operated by Japanese company 
Keep It self storage in Bangkok, Thailand offers self storage under the brand name Keep It from Japan
who is providing more than 2,000 units and operating in 24 different locations in Japan.
Our self storage utilizes know-how from Japan to operate the self storage service in Bangkok.
Our self storage located in the central of the Bangkok, on Ekamai Road where the accessibility is effortless.
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Self storage

Keep It

We started with the purpose of "We want each customer to realize a comfortable living environment" with the aim of expanding living space and office space.Our self storage utilizes know-how from Japan to offer self storage same as quality at Japan. Parking is available in our facility. There are staffs who would guide and assist you through every process of the service to provide the best experience to our customers.

Self storage for Personal

For an individual storage, any variety of items could be store in our self storage. Not only small personal items such as cloths, sweaters, shoesand books, but also large items such as luggage, kitchenware, home furniture.
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Self storage for company

For business customers, Our self storage is able to store company documents such as office supplies or company supplies stores.Our security system is operating 24 hours, and we highly focus on the safety and cleanliness.
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